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From coloring on my living room walls as a toddler to editing photos for hours on end as a pre-teen, I have always had a passion for art.  My love for photography began when my friend and I randomly decided to create a youtube channel when we were twelve. Then, I stumbled upon a Youtuber's photography page and was captivated by her work. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to spend my days viewing life through my camera. 


Being born and raised (and currently based) in New York City has definitely encouraged my artistic expression and creativity. Up until college, most of my photographic experience was self taught. I then graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology with a Bachelors degree in photography and minor in film. Some of my professional experience includes working at a children and families portrait studio, and working with an entertainment company - photographing and filming events such as sweet sixteens and weddings. I am grateful for also having several other amazing opportunities such as working for a global leading event photography and videography company, and working on the set of a Netflix show. On top of it all, I am always creating personal work and growing my own freelance business.


I love sharing the moments that can’t always be seen by everyone or with the naked eye. Some of the most rewarding shots are capturing a loving glance between a couple, the genuine smile of a child, or an intricate jump that a dancer works so tirelessly to achieve. For this reason, photography continues to challenge me- thriving to capture the perfect shot at the perfect second. Furthermore, starting out in film, I have always been intrigued by the stories one can tell by using a number of intricate camera and editing techniques. Being able to make an audience emotional or nostalgic through a series of moving images is one of the best feelings. 


I believe another one of my life’s purpose is to spread kindness, patience, and positivity. The most fulfilling part of it all is when someone tells me they enjoyed working with me and leaves feeling confident, happy, and appreciated. My wish is for you to love and cherish the photos as well as the whole experience of taking them. Im so thankful for all the memories my camera has preserved thus far and for being able to share them with others. 

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